I love beautiful fabrics, especially vintage kimono fabric and Asian inspired themes.
I love colorful threads and dying fabric.
I love cancelled postage stamps.
I love the fortunes from fortune cookies.
I love blue bottles with the light shining through in my kitchen window.
I love blue Chinese patterned plates.
I love the peace that falling snow brings and the way the world stops when caught in a blizzard.
I love clouds.
I love the kaleidoscope pattern that birds make when they are swarming in a group.
I love sitting on the shores of Lake Superior listening to the crashing waves and rolling smooth stones over and over in my hand.
I love running my hands through the buttons in my green bowl.
I love the smell of springtime and fresh cut grass.
I love my little Granddaughters and the simple way they view the world.
I love having adult children and have always loved being their Mom.
I love spending time with my husband, my best friend, and I love
going for rides in our ‘68 Dodge Dart convertible.
I love getting together
with friends and I love making art.