Art has been part of my professional life for the past 30 years. After obtaining my degree in Commercial Art, I went on to work for graphic design firms, mail order companies, printers, floral suppliers, clothing manufacturers, screen printers and marketing firms. The older I got, the more I longed to do the work of my heart. I am enjoying the exploration of that work.

I create framed wall pieces, pillows, fabric accessories and add my collages to the glass of paperweights. I find my inspiration from nature— especially fallen leaves that I gather on walks and trips. Using rollered ink, I create backgrounds for my leaves then add letterforms, cancelled postage stamps, bits of metal, tea bags, found items, a variety of layered, textured papers and dyed fabric.

Growing up in Silver Bay, Minnesota, close to the shores of Lake Superior, I was naturally attracted to leaves and art created in nature. My hope is that my art will empower you to be the best you can be, bring beauty and inspiration to your world or as a gift, become your words to encourage a friend.

My studio is located in Bloomington, MN. I welcome any questions regarding my work or its availability. Peace